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Visiting Dejima

Growing up in the Netherlands I learned a lot about Dejima and its history at school, so when I heard I could go to Nagasaki I was delighted. Wednesday afternoon I got the chance to take a look at the old trading post. The sun was shining so bright it burnt my skin, but it was the perfect lighting to take photos. After purchasing my ticket a friendly man gave me a short explanation about the area, he can speak fluent English as well, which is very helpful if you want to ask any questions.

Dejima was an artificial island built in 1636 by order of the Tokugawa Shogunate. After the Portuguese were expelled from Japan in fear for further growth of the Christian faith among the Japanese population, the Dutch were forced to resettle their trading post in Dejima. Between 1641 and 1859 the island was the only connection with the outside world and thus played an important role in the development of Japan as it was the centre where Western knowledge got shared. There’s a running project called The Dejima Restoration Project that is working on a reconstruction to restore the island as it looked in the early 19th century. Until that finishes there is still lots to view! There are various exhibitions on the trade and cultural exchanges at Dejima Museum of History, Dejima Theatre that projects a 12-minute film about the island, the Head Clerk’s Quarters, the Museum Annex, the Director’s Residence, several warehouses and much more!

I’m glad I took the time to pay a visit to Dejima, learning about my country’s shared history with Japan’s and being at the exact spot where it all happened felt somewhat surreal.

Dejima is located a short 5-minute walk down the road from Casa Noda. The entrance fee is ¥510 but if you use the Discount Card provided by us at your check-in it will only cost you¥260!