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One of the tasks you gotta try while you stay in Japan !

Hi there !

Its been ages since we had written the last blog !

Today i would like to show you what you have to try while you stay in Japan

You know what YAKISOBA is ?

It is a fried noodle. we call Yakisoba in Japan

You may imagine its tastes like some sauce ? Or salty ?garlic ?

Yakisoba is one of the most popular food in our country

It can become main dish !

But wait,we tried wired wired one the other day at Hostel Casa Noda !

Guess what.

It is a chocolate flavored Yakisoba !

This is an instant one made for a St,Valentine day !

Our staffs tried it.

She looks like doubting if it is eatable…

Go go ! She is hesitating Lol


Also another staff tried.

He looks he does not wish to try it lol

Look at this face LOL

He said it was SWEET as pancake.

Not too bad.

If you see this Yakisoba you are lucky !

Well thank you for reading and hope peeps have a great day !


Casa noda staff AYAKA