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Nagasaki Kunchi Festival has Started!! It Lasts for 3 Days in Nagasaki City!



It’s already October!! Do you know what will be held in Nagasaki in October?


Yeah!! That’s “Nagasaki Kunchi Festival”!!!


It will be take place from 7th October to 9th October. It lasts for 3 days.

You can enjoy Dedication dance in Suwa Shrine and next to Yumesaito and some places in Nagasaki city.


Do you know what “Nagasaki Kunchi Festival” is?


Nagasaki Kunchi is a big festival of Suwa Shrine.

In 1634, 2 prostitutes dedicated their dance to God in Suwa Shrine, it was the origin of Nagasaki Kunchi Festival.

After that, they were also support by apprenticeship and it became bigger and bigger. Additionally, people added many feature from foreign countries and put in their dance.

It had great reputations as Nagasaki Kunchi Festival is very gorgeous!!



This Dedecation Dance is selected as Nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.

(Reference: “Nagasaki Kunchi Festival” Official website http://nagasaki-kunchi.com/)



In this Okunchi period, we can hear some melodies from many places in Nagasaki.

It makes us very happy and merry^^


In every year, some certain old areas perform their traditional dance. They have different assigned dance. In this year, Imakago-machi, Aburaya-machi, Motofuna-machi, Ue-machi, Kajiya-machi, Chicago-machi will preform their dance.

Their performance was very powerful and their breath mach during their performances.

It will make you moved!!



During Okunchi Festival, Suwa Shrine is packed by hundreds of people!!


Please come and enjoy Nagasaki’s unique culture^^