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Nagasaki GLOVER’S NIGHT at Glover Gaden 2016

Autumn is just around the corner. It is getting cooler in the morning and night.

However, it is hot during the day. How about strolling from evening?


Let me introduce “GLOVER’S NIGHT” today.

Glover Garden usually opens until 6PM, BUT! they will closes at 9:30 PM by beginning of October. You can enjoy different atmosphere at night. The night view from Mt. Inasa is most famous in Nagasaki. However, the night view from Glover Garden is also beautiful. You will see Nagasaki’s beautiful night view from different point of view. If you do not like walk around during the day because of hot summer, let’t try it!


And also, beer garden will be take place until September 30th. Small concerts will be hold weekend, so please check it out!



~October 9th

[Glover Garden Beer Garden]

~September 30th (5PM~9PM)


Check their website below:)




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