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Kyusyu/Nagasaki ~Memory with our lovely helper staff~

It is no exaggeration to say that CasaNoda cannot exist without helper staff.

Many helper staff have worked at CasaNoda, and they became our family. Some helper staff came to Japan as working holiday, others came to Japan during summer break.


Work, eat, hang out, study together..
We are becoming like a big family after staying together about one month.

helper helper2 helper4 heoper3
Nice smile, guys!

Everyone goes next destination with great experience and memories at CasaNoda. We hope that you guys are doing well wherever you are! Good luck!


Are you interested in Guesthouse?
Are you interested in CasaNoda?

We  always welcome you here at CasaNoda, Nagasaki!

We are very looking forward to seeing you!


CasaNoda Mai