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Kyusyu/Nagasaki CasaNoda ~Memory with our helper staff Paul~

We have worked with many helper staff.

One of our helper staff, Paul from Taiwan gave us review.

It’s my pleasure to stay in Casa Noda during these two weeks.
I had a really good time here.
You guys just like family to me.
The hostel owner しんじさん(Shinji).
When I been here at the first time.
You took me and other Taiwanese to see the night view at 稲佐山(Mt. Inasa).
It’s so beautiful there.
I’m appreciate you are so nice to me and other guests.
Thanks for everything you gave us these two weeks.
And the staffs in Casa Noda and Casa Blanca.
Everybody are so friendly and bring me so much laugh and happy there.
Thank you so much.

And the job of helper in Casa noda is a nice experience to me.
Vacuuming floors, washing sheets, and cleaning toilet.
I learned so much about the working attitude of Japanese.

Casa Noda is also very clean and comfortable.
Free breakfast and comfortable living room.
I met so many friends and practiced both English and Japanese a lot during nights in Casa Noda’s living room.
If everyone want to visit 長崎(Nagasaki),
I will say live in Casa Noda is your best choice.


He was super diligence, gentle and down-to-earth.

It was glad to see you and work with you, Paul!


We are recruiting new helper staff at any time!

If you are interested in Guesthouse, CasaNoda, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are waiting for you:)


CasaNoda Mai