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Do you know ONE-LEGGED TORII(Shinto Shrine Archway) in Sannoh Shrine?

Hello, everyone!

In Nagasaki, there are many places to see. What do you come up with when you are asked about Nagasaki?

Probably many people will think about Dejima and Glober Garden.

Additionally, there is a mountain called Mt. Inasa, which is selected one of the most beautiful night view in the world. And Kameyama Shachu, which is the first trading company in Japan.

Today, I would like to introduce of a little bit of minor place in Nagasaki!

This time, I visited Sannoh Shrine which is about 5 minutes away from JR Urakami station.

There is a fomous Torii(Shinto shrine archway) in Sannoh Shrine.

Lately,  Mr. Masaharu Fukuyama, who is a very famous singer from Nagasaki, released a song which is based on  bombed camphor trees in the shrine.

I was born and grew up in Nagasaki, and my grand father is also one of the victim of the Atomic Bomb.  When the bomb exploded, he was working in a firm and he was bombed 16km away from the hypo center.  Additionally, His house was located in Urakami, so his family died.

Because of his experience and the idea that what he must tell those to us, he told us about his experiences in those period and brought us to many places where related to the tragedy like Atomic Bomb Museum, Peace Park, Hypocenter Park.

However, I’ve never been  to Sannoh Shrine. I was eager to see the One-legged Torii there. I had a chance to see it, so I visited there.

From JR Urakami station, you need to cross the street and go strait for a while.

If you keep going strait, you’ll face to another big street, then turn left. And keep going straight again.

If you keep walking, you’ll find a sign ‘Sannoh Shrine’, you can just follow it!

It’s easy to find!!

I saw it first time then. I couldn’t believe that it was standing burly even though it was broken by the blast from the explosion 71 years ago.

When I went up stairs, I found the parts of the other side of the tori. They are displayed.

I cannot imagine how strong the blast was!! It must be super strong!

If you keep going, you will find the shrine on the left side.

There are two bombed camphor trees which became the theme of a song by Mr. Masaharu Fukuyama. They are welcoming you.

In front of the trees, there is one big stone.

When I read the explanation, I found that the stone was found inside of the tree. It was blown by the bomb blast.

The stone was very big and it is very difficult to hold up even though an adult man.

I guess its diameter is over 30 cm. It is telling us the terrific of the blast.

About the bombed camphor trees, in side of them were killed by the heat ray, so they were reinforced with like cement.

image4 のコピー
In these trees, because of the intense blast, many pebbles came into the trees. Additionally they got big damage from the heat ray, they got near-death.

In side of the camphor trees were almost reinforced everywhere. It seems if no one take care of them, they would have been dead.

However, thanks to many people to wish for the trees’ recovery, they overcame it and are welcoming people come to the Shrine with many beautiful leaves now.

As I saw the trees, I felt the strong vitality of the tree.

There is a nursery school next to the shrine.

Sannoh Shrine is located middle of the residence. I think it’s very good that the trees can watch people who go to a company or school attentively everyday.

The atomic bomb was dropped in 71 years ago. It was said that it is impossible to grow up any kind of plant for 100 years. However, Nagasaki overcame and recovered from that tragedy and now we have lots of nature as same as other cities. That is amazing!!

It is very difficult to find some scars in Nagasaki anymore.

In Nagasaki, students go to school in 9th August. Usually, 9th August is in summer vacation, so students don’t go to school. But students in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, they have peace memorial ceremony in 9th August/6th August, so they go to school to attend it.

After the ceremony, students can listen to the story from the atomic bomb surviver about what they experienced because of the atomic bomb and world war two.

I think it is very precious and good thing to listen those from the victims directly.

Nowadays, the number of the victims are decreasing, so it is getting difficult to listen those stories directly, but I hope it lasts for a long time.

71 years ago is already in the past, but that is true that there are many people who lost their family, friend and their life at the moment. Animals and plants were also taken away their life.

As I saw the bombed camphor trees,  they gave me a chance to think about what is the war, what is the peace.

At last, I want many people to come to Nagasaki and see various sides of Nagasaki.

Nagasaki is a very important place for Japanese history, it has very beautiful sceneries, nature, and also it had experienced that horrible incident. We need to know the fact and do some actions not to do the same history over again.

When you come to Nagasaki, please visit Sannoh Shrine. It would be nice experience for you!

Casa Noda Yuri