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My time at Casa Noda, by Robert from Germany.

One  of our staff Robert left Casa Noda. He shared his memories and experiences in Casa Noda, Nagasaki with us. So if you’re considering to apply for Casa Noda’s volunteer staff, it would be helpful for you!!
‘I stayed with the Casa Noda for 2 weeks and worked for my accomodation. I did the same before, when I was in New Zealand, but for Japan it was my first time and by far the best to in all of my experiences!
The Hostel ist just a 5 minutes walk from the Main Station, so really easy to find. I was warmly welcomed by the staff and introduced in my new duties, which were to do from 10 am to 1 pm. I also met my other workmate, with whom I became friends. 5 days of work, followed by one day of rest, this is really fair, especially because the work is not that hard, and just 3 hours a day. Unlike New Zealand where I had to work every day (though just from 10 to 12), the day off was more than welcome. The speciality about the staff and even the owner of the Hostel is, that they don’t behave like the typical boss: ‘I am your boss, you do what your told!’, but more like a big family! That’s the biggest gift a company, or in this case a Hostel, can give you. You really feel part of the team, of the family and not just as a worker. Even after work we sat together, cooked together, went out to eat together, it was just amazing. Another good thing is that everyone can speak English and some evern more languages like Mandarine, Korean, Taiwanese and even German. Bad for me, I wans’t forced to speak japanese, it was more convenient to speak english then^^”.
Because I know firsthand how we clean everything here, everyday, the Hostel can be considered as very clean but without being sterile, or overly cleaned. It still is very familiar, especially the living room/kitchen area. They even have a really comfortable hammock up in the living room.
The beds are quite comfortable as well, some though are a bit cracky when you get on. The only disadvantage I could find is the location of the Hostel. For most it will be very convenient, but because of the main road right in front of the Hostel, it is quite noisy during the day (of course you should be outside and do your sightseeing in Nagasaki! There is a lot to see, shuu shuu!). In the night though it is ok, for the traffic is much less and the windows are double, so they won’t let in that much noise. One can still have a peaceful and calm night =).
I really enjoyed Nagasaki, together with Kagoshima it belongs to my favorite cities in Kyushu. My workmates are all so friendly and helpful, I will dearly miss them, but still stay in contact. I really wish you, whoever reads this, to enjoy your stay in Nagasaki and Casa Noda or Casa Blanca. I am sure that you will not regret it =).’