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Hello , Tomas :) Our new staff !2

Hello guys !

This is Akina and I gonna introduce our new stuff again ! Tomas !

yeah, we went to 魚たつand ate 海鮮丼 ε-(´∀`; )うましっ


Probably the last article was pretty good so I am entrusted with the work ;)) haha

IMG_2103 IMG_2104


Tomas , he is from Australia .

Only when his mom get mad will use “Tomas” so please call him Tom .
He is 28 years old . (This time i didn’t forget ! Good job me ! :mrgreen: )

3 days ago , he was just one of our guests , but CasaNoda is too comfortable , staff are too funny , Nagasaki is too nice ! so he just don’t want to leave and decide to stay here .

(What a nice story !!! (*´з`)♥)

He loves drink and smoke ! (Completely different from Robert )

When you see him , 99% he should be drunk so you can enjoy a lot of conversation with him (‘ω’)ノ lol

IMG_0637 IMG_0636
He also does have FB but last time he changed the password while he was drunk so he cannot sign in now ! hahahahaha

He has his own house on our roof and it is pretty cool so i recommend you come here and try !
But not on rainy day ! (you will be so miserable like him)

He has a baby face and so adorable smile ! It makes you cannot accept the truth that he is older than you . and that he will turn in 30 soon !

sooooooooo cute !!

Oh, and I didn’t try yet so I almost forgot that he is a great chef !!!!

I wish I can eat some before he leaving or just kidnap him and let him stay here forever lol

Welcome to CasaNoda Tomas !

CasaNoda Akina