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Do you know GYOZA? Let’s eat Gyoza in Nagasaki!!

What’s your enjoyment of your journey?

Oh, OK! I can hear many opinions for that. But many people would say ‘Food’ is the most enjoyable thing in a trip.

Nagasaki’s famous foods are Chanpon noodle, Sara-udon, Turkish rice etc……

Yes, we have written down about those foods many times in our blog. So we would like to share other things now. Our guests often ask us ‘Where is a good restaurant which is loved by local people and not so many tourists???’

We wondered where is that kind of restaurant…?

So we would like to introduce a Gyoza (Dumplings) restaurant ‘UNRYU-TEI’ today!!

(If you live in Nagasaki, you must have heard of it at least once.)

Nagasaki’s drinking place is Shian-bashi. While we were looking at a map, we found the gyoza restaurant ‘UNRYU-TEI OObranch.’

We found many UNRYU-TEI branches in Nagasaki!!

We have hard of the restaurant, but we didn’t know it has so many branches!!

It must be very popular restaurant!!

Then we visited UNRYU-TEI immediately^^

You can find the restaurant on the right side, right after entering SHIAN-BASHI YOKOCHO.

This is run by father and  his son.

To tell the truth, ‘Hitokuchi Gyoza(a small gyoza for one bite)’ is originally from Nagasaki!! And it spread by people’s word of mouth^^

We of course ordered GYOZA!!

10 Hitokuchi Gyozas for one person! We ordered BUTA-NIRA.(stir-fry Pork with leek)

It’s difficult to know the size from the photo…

Yeah! We took a photo with toothpick! Now you can see the size!!

The size of GYOZA is like this! You can easily finish it by one bite!!

The skin of GYOZA is cooked very well and looks nice!  Much ingredients in side!! We could be satisfied with them^^

If you want, you can also put some soy sauce with garlic and Yuzu-kosyou(condiment paste made from yuzu zest and chile peppers). They made GYOZA more tasty.  The Gyoza is so tasty so we eat them in the twinkling of an eye!!!

When we looked at the kitchen, there are a lot of fillings!!

They are made by hand one by one^^

We ate BUTANIRA with oyster sauce.

We ate all of them in a few minutes! We thought we should have ordered white rice too!

The atmosphere of the restaurant was good and the taste was good!

We guessed that if we could drink beer, it would be the best much!!

If you would like to eat little by little, it would be a nice choice for you^^♥

Now it’s getting hot, so let’s over come the heat of the summer to get energy from eating Gyoza!!

And enjoy in Nagasaki!!


Address: 2-15 Motosikkui-machi, Nagasaki city

Closed: On Sunday

Casa Noda May (Traslated by Yuri)