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Let’s enjoy Hanami ~the way to enjoy beginning of spring in Nagasaki~


Have you ever heard “Hanami”?



“Hanami” literally means viewing flowers, but it is not just viewing flowers. “Hanami” is a Japanese traditional event to enjoy the blooming of sakura(cherry blossoms) from the end of March to early April. We enjoy eating and drinking with family, friends or coworkers under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms. It is like a picnic!


The best timing of for Hanami in Nagasaki is from April 2nd to 10th.



“Sakura Festival” will be held at two parks, Tateyama Park and Kazagashira Park in Nagasaki city. Many lanterns are going to be decorated throughout the event. Therefore, we can enjoy Hanami even at night!



If you are interested in Hanami and you have not tried it ever, how about coming to Nagasaki at this season?

Here are information!

Sakura Festival at Kazagashira Park from March 25th April 6th

Sakura Festival at Tateyama Park from March 25th to April 4th