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Let’s start your Nagasaki trip from TOHKAEN in Nagasaki China Town

We have been letting know about CHANPON  on our blog, but this Chanpon restaurant is the first appearance.

The restaurant is located in Nagasaki Shin-chi China town. Restaurants in China town seem expensive, so I have never tried to eat there.

However, this time, I went to a Chanpon restaurant ‘TOHKAEN (桃華園)’. Finally I made a debut to eat it at Chinatown!!haha

This is how the restaurant look like from outside.

You might be a bit nervous to enter here but please get relaxed.

When I was inside, there were young couples, families, and many kinds of customers. It was  relaxed atmosphere.

Then let me order Chanpon!!

Lots of vegetable, transparent soup. The soup was flinty. It was very nice^^

Next dish is SARA-UDON.

This is slight noodle Sara-Udon.

Sara-udon is one of Nagasaki’s famous foods. It was made from same staffs with Chanpon. However, the chef at Shikairo(四海楼) ,which is the first Chanpon and Sara-Udon restaurant, invented Sara-Udon. He had delivered Chanpon but when he brought it, it was difficult to deliver it without spilling out. Then he came up with Sara-Udon which doesn’t have much soup like Chanpon. It became famous as well as Chanpon.

It has stronger taste than Chanpon.

If you visit this restaurant, it is also good to share with your friends and family.

I introduce you some dishes too!(^o^)

First, this is spring roll. The casing was crunchy. Inside was cooked to a pulp and delicious!!

Can you see a bottle opposite direction? It is SHOH-KOH SYU. It is Chinese sake. It is good to drink after warmed. Some people put some sugar in it.

Finally, Annin-dohu. It is chinese dessert. We ate up this quantity with 4 people very soon!

Please do not miss Chanpon and Sara-Udon when you come to Nagasaki! TOHKAEN would be a good place to eat your very first Chanpon and Sara-Udon in China twon!

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