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Nagasaki Lantern Festivals ~ The way to enjoy more in Nagasaki~

A Kimono rental shop  “Kimono-hoppen” by Nagasaki Kagamiya has opened in the 1st of February . We walked around in Nagasaki with Kimono last year and we did it this year again!! Fortunately we could rental them before opening!!(^O^)

Now it’s beginning of February, Nagasaki is turning on Lantern Festival mode!

If you don’t want to spend the time with NORMAL, and have a wonderful memory, in Nagasaki, Japan, what about to walk around with Kimono?? I’m sure that would be one of your beautiful memories!

The collaboration of retrospect Kimono and lanterns makes  you more brilliant!

Those who visit Lantern Festival every year or even the first time, you can enjoy different atmosphere here♪

Lantern Festival will begin from 8th February,  only 1 week left!

Nagasaki is decorated with many lanterns. Why don’t you visit Nagasaki certainly on this occasion?

We are waiting for you^^


Here are the links.

《Nagasaki Lantern Festival》