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One of the tasks you gotta try while you stay in Japan !
Wonderful Memories with our helping staff ~Lai~
JOIN US NOW! We are looking for NEW helper!
Nagasaki Kunchi Festival has Started!! It Lasts for 3 Days in Nagasaki City!
Do You Want to Try SPINY LOBSTER?
Nagasaki GLOVER'S NIGHT at Glover Gaden 2016
Nagasaki Shoronagashi Festival (Spirit Boat Festival)
Nagasaki Yoichi ~Feel the Night of Summer in Japan~
Kyusyu/Nagasaki ~Memory with our lovely helper staff~
Kyusyu/Nagasaki CasaNoda ~Memory with our helper staff Paul~
Hostel CasaNoda NEW Promotion ~Let's Try Female Dormitory in Nagasaki~
Do you know ONE-LEGGED TORII(Shinto Shrine Archway) in Sannoh Shrine?
My time at Casa Noda, by Robert from Germany.
Do you know GYOZA? Let's eat Gyoza in Nagasaki!!
Hello , Tomas :) Our new staff !2
Hello Robert ! Our new staff :)
Let's enjoy Hanami ~the way to enjoy beginning of spring in Nagasaki~
Let's start your Nagasaki trip from TOHKAEN in Nagasaki China Town
Kyushu Nagasaki Guesthouse volunteer staff wanted!!
Nagasaki Lantern Festivals ~ The way to enjoy more in Nagasaki~
Do you want to sushi in Nagasaki? There is a great restaurant for you! Part 2
Nagasaki is rainy. I miss the Sun and Fish don and yesterday's lunch.
Do you want to sushi in Nagasaki? There is a great restaurant for you!
Kyusyu Nagasaki Guesthouse volunteer staff wanted!!!
Christmas at Hostel Casa Noda, Nagasaki
Debut of our second guesthouse!
【Announcement】Change of Breakfast
Gunkanjima~The Battle Ship Island Tour~ in Nagasaki
Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival coming soon! 【Apr.27th~May.1st】

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