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Kyushu Nagasaki Guesthouse helping staff wanted!! (helper, volunteer, cleaning staff, free accommodation)
Touring Shirase Icebreaker Ship
My Brief Stay In Unzen, Nagasaki
Fukunoyu Onsen Nagasaki
Sofukuji Temple Nagasaki
Nagasaki's Peace Park
Visiting Dejima
Sunny memories of Glover Garden
Maike's first day at CasaNoda & visit to Huis ten Bosch
One of the tasks you gotta try while you stay in Japan !
Wonderful Memories with our helping staff ~Lai~
JOIN US NOW! We are looking for NEW helper!
Nagasaki Kunchi Festival has Started!! It Lasts for 3 Days in Nagasaki City!
Do You Want to Try SPINY LOBSTER?
Nagasaki GLOVER'S NIGHT at Glover Gaden 2016
Nagasaki Shoronagashi Festival (Spirit Boat Festival)
Nagasaki Yoichi ~Feel the Night of Summer in Japan~
Kyusyu/Nagasaki ~Memory with our lovely helper staff~
Kyusyu/Nagasaki CasaNoda ~Memory with our helper staff Paul~
Hostel CasaNoda NEW Promotion ~Let's Try Female Dormitory in Nagasaki~
Do you know ONE-LEGGED TORII(Shinto Shrine Archway) in Sannoh Shrine?
My time at Casa Noda, by Robert from Germany.
Do you know GYOZA? Let's eat Gyoza in Nagasaki!!
Hello , Tomas :) Our new staff !2
Hello Robert ! Our new staff :)
Let's enjoy Hanami ~the way to enjoy beginning of spring in Nagasaki~
Let's start your Nagasaki trip from TOHKAEN in Nagasaki China Town
Kyushu Nagasaki Guesthouse volunteer staff wanted!!

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