Hello Robert ! Our new staff :)

Hello guys !
This is Akina .
I want you guys to know about our new staff , Robert !! 😀 😀 😀

Robert , Welcome to Nagasaki! Welcome to CasaNoda !!

Robert is from Germany.

I forgot how old he is so please ask him by yourself ! haha
I did forgot his age but i do remember that his beard has been his good friend for 5 and half years . (wow)

He doesn’t have phone(even ガラケー), doesn’t have Facebook or some social media account , doesn’t use shampoo/soap blablabla~ only use the water for clean himself .
But HE IS NOT VEGETARIAN . (If he is , it will be perfect , right? haha )

When he arrived we went to out and eat Malaysia food together XD

He is really nice and funny person .
If you did talk with him , I am sure you gonna like him a lot :)❤️

He only knows a little Japanese words but it is pretty good ! So even in Japanese he will answer you 😎

And he is Otaku so he knows a lot of things !!!

Hope he can enjoy Nagasaki / CasaNoda and also hope you guys can have a lot of fun time with him( ^ω^ )

IMG_1952 IMG_1948
We welcome you to join us 🙂




CasaNoda Akina



Debut of our second guesthouse!

Hello, everyone! How are you? We can feel the arrival of Autumn these days. It’s great to spend time doing many things.

In this edition, it is our great pleasure to announce the debut of our second guesthouse!

The new guesthouse is named ”Casa Blanca.” Its motif is the city “Casa Blanca in Morocco”.

The location is wonderful! It’s only a 3 minute walk from Nagasaki Shinchi bus terminal, Tsuki-machi tram stop and China town. It’s very easy to visit many tourist spots by foot or on the tram from Casa Blanca. You will be pleased with how convenient it is!

In the first guesthouse, Casa Noda, we welcomed new staff members and continue enjoying welcoming new guests every day! We try to host you with warm hospitality.

For information on the 2nd guesthouse, Casa Blanca, please follow the link below!


Why not visit Nagasaki and enjoy staying in Casa Blanca?





【Announcement】Change of Breakfast

We have a change of our breakfast service.


We stopped serving BOILED EGGS including our complimentary breakfast service from June.

Of course, we will keep serving bread and jam!! Don’t worry about that:)


Hope our free breakfast service will help your travel!