Kyushu Nagasaki Guesthouse helping staff wanted!! (helper, volunteer, cleaning staff, free accommodation)

We, Hostel CasaNoda and Casa Blanca Guesthouse are recruiting new helping staff who wants to communicate with traveler who come from whole world, who wants to improve Japanese ability, who loves Streets or Islands of Nagasaki. Local people of Nagasaki can apply for staff, too.

kyushu_guesthouse_staff kyushu_guesthouse_staff

○ Your job will be cleaning in the morning (10:00-13:00)
○ 5 days off a month (Work on Saturdays and Sundays. We need meeting for deciding for rest)
○ An applicant who can work more than two weeks and who can speak English and Japanese will be preferred.
○ We will give a bed in a dormitory.
○ Free of charge for breads and rice that we provide
○ You will work and stay CasaNoda or CasaBlanca(workplace and accommodation could be separated)
○ The applicants must have work visa in Japan.


Please email us below

○ Name
○ Mail address
○ Gender
○ Age
○ Nationality
○ Address
○ Phone number
○ Arrival date and time at our hostel
○ Departure date from our hostel
○ How did you know our information of helping staff? (website or search keyword)
○ Self introduction (hobby, special talent, career, etc)

※Please attach your photo!

※The applicants who do not have Japanese nationality must attach work visa and passport.




One of the tasks you gotta try while you stay in Japan !

Hi there !

Its been ages since we had written the last blog !

Today i would like to show you what you have to try while you stay in Japan

You know what YAKISOBA is ?

It is a fried noodle. we call Yakisoba in Japan

You may imagine its tastes like some sauce ? Or salty ?garlic ?

Yakisoba is one of the most popular food in our country

It can become main dish !

But wait,we tried wired wired one the other day at Hostel Casa Noda !

Guess what.

It is a chocolate flavored Yakisoba !

This is an instant one made for a St,Valentine day !

Our staffs tried it.

She looks like doubting if it is eatable…

Go go ! She is hesitating Lol


Also another staff tried.

He looks he does not wish to try it lol

Look at this face LOL

He said it was SWEET as pancake.

Not too bad.

If you see this Yakisoba you are lucky !

Well thank you for reading and hope peeps have a great day !


Casa noda staff AYAKA


Wonderful Memories with our helping staff ~Lai~

We are looking for NEW helpers now. We had worked with a lot helpers from Japan, Taiwan, HongKong, France and Germany and so on..


We interviewed our helpers before going back to their countries and they shared their memories and advice for new helpers.

Q1 What brought you to CasaNoda or CasaBlanca (or Nagasaki)?

I wanted to do something different in winter vacation. I have been to Japan several times, and I have known Japan is a lovely country. And I have never been to Kyushu, so I choose Nagasaki to stay.


Q2 Let me know your thoughts after working at Casanova or CasaBlanca?

Everyone in Casanova and CasaBlanca are very kind and friendly. Are people in Nagasaki always so good? CasaNoda and CasaBlanca are really good guesthouses, so I will definitely recommend these to all people in the world! By the way, I like cleaning Twin room so much!

This is our scenery from Twin room. You can enjoy the view of Nagasaki port and Mount Inasa on opposite side. I recommend afternoon. The sunset is super beautiful.


Q3 How did you like Nagasaki?

It is the first time I stay in foreign country, and I appreciate that I choose Nagasaki. It is not only beautiful and quiet but also making me feel peaceful. I will miss the scene I saw here, food and undoubtedly the people I met here.


Q4 Give some advice for new helpers!

If you can speak Japanese and English very well, go to talk everybody you meet! Do not hesitate! You will not be disappointed!


We are waiting for people who like guesthouse, who are interested in guesthouse, who want to make friends whole world, and who are working in Japan as working holiday..


Please give us message anytime!


CasaNoda Mai


JOIN US NOW! We are looking for NEW helper!

We have met a lot of helpers and have shared great memories together.
We worked, ate lunch and dinner and chilled out.. We cannot forget
every single memories that we shared.

We will let you know their experiences and their comments for future
helpers. If you are considering applying for CasaNoda and CasaBlanca
helper, please refer to them!

Q1 What brought you to CasaNoda or CasaBlanca (or Nagasaki)?

→I heard from my friend who also had been a helper in this guesthouse.

→When I decided to be a helper, I did some researches and found a lot
of articles about Casanoda and Casablanca. People shared their
experiences and introduced the views of Nagasaki.I thought it was
awesome, so I wrote an E-mail to the hostel immediately.

→The reason which I went to Japan for working-exchange is that I
wanted to experience local Japanese life style and culture. As a
Korean-majoring student, I met lots of Korean in my daily life, and
knows some culture of Korea. But I thought recently Japanese and
Taiwanese contact with each other more frequently than before. It
would be interesting to recognize similarities and differences among
Taiwan, Korea, and Japan! However, I have ever been to some huge
cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto etc. Actually I prefer to travel in
middle or small cities, countryside. I consider that it’s much easier
to make local friends and understand real Japan! After I surfed the
map of Japan, I thought Nagasaki would be my best choice! It’s a
middle city with natural scenery and ease, instead of noise and too
much residents.

Q2 Let me know your thoughts after working CasaNoda or CasaBlanca?

→Although there is so hot to me in this summer ,where is good place
and meet nice guys. Every staffs always  concern for helpers . Thank

→I learned a lot and became friends with them. I decided to be a
helper, not only experience the life of Japan, but also practice my
language skills. All of people which I met are so nice. They were
always  patient for me and taught me. The things what I learned here
is more than what I learn from school. I’d say it was the best time of
my life!

→I was so lucky that I could stay in such a wonderful hostel for 2
weeks. Shinji was a kind, friendly owner, and always brought helpers
to have tasty food! Staffs here also treated us hospitably. Work isn’t
unaffordable for me, so I always enjoyed working over there. For me,
Casa Noda is like my another home in Japan. Staffs and helpers I met
are like my family. Thanks to them, I understand Japanese more deeply.
That is why once my friends mentioned that they had plans to Japan, I
always recommend Nagasaki and Casa Noda to them!

Q3 How did you like Nagasaki?

→It is convenient to move to any islands of Kyushu, also can see the
beautiful night view from different   hill.

→Nagasaki is an amazing city. Not only the histories, but also the
view, the food and people.
The lifestyle here is pretty slow, it’s nice to just chill.

→Compared to other cities in Kyusu, Nagasaki is a beautiful city with
the comfortable weather, scenery with mountain and ocean, historical
and multicultural downtown, some convenient shopping streets & malls,
diverse food, and kind people. Everything here is impressive for me.

Q4 Give some advice for new helpers!

→Enjoy it in Nagasaki.

→The words can not describe my feeling.Just come and experienced it. I
can promise that you won’t regret it!

→Everything is perfect. However, plz stay in Casa Noda at least for 1
month instead of 2 weeks like what I did. 🙂 Also, wandering in
downtown and buying flowers back to Casa Noda can brighten everyone’s
mood! Also, it’s also a great choice to take a walk in park near Casa
Noda, and have fresh sushi. and  Do not forget to get some food with
discount in supermarket when it’s about to close. Above all, please
enjoy time and share your daily life with Mai, Yuri, Shinji and other
helpers. You will make some unforgettable memory together, and MUST
cherish each moment siding by them!


img_2931-2 img_2932
We, CasaNoda and CasaBlanca, are looking for new helpers!

We are always waiting for you here in Nagasaki!


Hostel CasaNoda NEW Promotion ~Let’s Try Female Dormitory in Nagasaki~

Good news for ladies!


We are starting NEW promotion from July 10th to July 31st! Please book during this period, and get 300 yen discount!

For example,
Booking on July 10th and staying on August 1st→discount
Booking on July 9th and staying on August 1st→excluded from the discount


The staying fee of the female dorm is gonna be 2500 yen with discount! (same as Mixed dorm!) How about trying Female dorm on this occasion?


Let me introduce our Female dorm!

1, Spacious bed

Is dormitory small? The answer is “NO!” Our female dorm has 10 spacious beds. And also each bed has locker.

400-1 のコピー
2, Kawaii interior (Cute interior)


スクリーンショット 2016-07-04 16.49.26
Colorful interior must catch your attention when you go inside of the room. All wall and ceiling are painted with warm pastel color. I am sure that you can chill out in this room.


3, Females want to stay female dorm after all

Female dorm can be locked. A shower room and a washroom are inside of the room.

386-1 のコピー

How was CasaNoda’s female dorm?
Beginners of dormitory are very welcomed! Regular visitors are also welcomed!



Do not miss this chance!