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Wonderful Memories with our helping staff ~Lai~

We are looking for NEW helpers now. We had worked with a lot helpers from Japan, Taiwan, HongKong, France and Germany and so on..


We interviewed our helpers before going back to their countries and they shared their memories and advice for new helpers.

Q1 What brought you to CasaNoda or CasaBlanca (or Nagasaki)?

I wanted to do something different in winter vacation. I have been to Japan several times, and I have known Japan is a lovely country. And I have never been to Kyushu, so I choose Nagasaki to stay.


Q2 Let me know your thoughts after working at Casanova or CasaBlanca?

Everyone in Casanova and CasaBlanca are very kind and friendly. Are people in Nagasaki always so good? CasaNoda and CasaBlanca are really good guesthouses, so I will definitely recommend these to all people in the world! By the way, I like cleaning Twin room so much!

This is our scenery from Twin room. You can enjoy the view of Nagasaki port and Mount Inasa on opposite side. I recommend afternoon. The sunset is super beautiful.


Q3 How did you like Nagasaki?

It is the first time I stay in foreign country, and I appreciate that I choose Nagasaki. It is not only beautiful and quiet but also making me feel peaceful. I will miss the scene I saw here, food and undoubtedly the people I met here.


Q4 Give some advice for new helpers!

If you can speak Japanese and English very well, go to talk everybody you meet! Do not hesitate! You will not be disappointed!


We are waiting for people who like guesthouse, who are interested in guesthouse, who want to make friends whole world, and who are working in Japan as working holiday..


Please give us message anytime!


CasaNoda Mai