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Hello Robert ! Our new staff :)

Hello guys !
This is Akina .
I want you guys to know about our new staff , Robert !! 😀 😀 😀

Robert , Welcome to Nagasaki! Welcome to CasaNoda !!

Robert is from Germany.

I forgot how old he is so please ask him by yourself ! haha
I did forgot his age but i do remember that his beard has been his good friend for 5 and half years . (wow)

He doesn’t have phone(even ガラケー), doesn’t have Facebook or some social media account , doesn’t use shampoo/soap blablabla~ only use the water for clean himself .
But HE IS NOT VEGETARIAN . (If he is , it will be perfect , right? haha )

When he arrived we went to out and eat Malaysia food together XD

He is really nice and funny person .
If you did talk with him , I am sure you gonna like him a lot :)❤️

He only knows a little Japanese words but it is pretty good ! So even in Japanese he will answer you ğŸ˜Ž

And he is Otaku so he knows a lot of things !!!

Hope he can enjoy Nagasaki / CasaNoda and also hope you guys can have a lot of fun time with him( ^ω^ )

IMG_1952 IMG_1948
We welcome you to join us 🙂




CasaNoda Akina



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